Aastra 5380

Brand: Aastra
Product Code: Aastra Telephones
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Display elements
Indicator LEDs for optical call signalisation and waiting messages
Display (7 lines with ever 34 characters alpha)
Backlit display

Operating controls
Navigation key
Call key
End key
Redial key
Phone book key
Loudspeaker key
Microphone key
Volume/cursor keys
Absence key with LED
Correction key
Alpha keyboard

Call preparation
Name dialling
Suppression of the call number display
Call waiting
Call list
Last number redial
Up to 350 entries in private telephone directory
Access to central telephone directory
Discreet call
Listening by loudspeaker
Hands-free operation
Conference Call
Send / receive text messages
Private Call with PIN
Phone lock
Wall mounting

Optional connections
Headset (DHSG)
3 expansion keypads Aastra M530 (20 configurable keys)
3 expansion keypads Aastra M535 (15 configurable keys)
Integrated mini-switch 10/100 Mbps

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