Aastra TA7102i

Brand: Aastra
Product Code: Aastra Telephones
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The Aastra TA7102i is a security-ready, VoIP terminal adapter, allowing analog phones and fax machines to connect to Aastra communications server. In addition, the unit can act as a remote gateway with analog end-points via an IP network to central Aastra communications server.
The TA7102i offers security features such as SIP over TLS, SRTP, certificates management, and HTTPS, designed to bring enhanced security for the network management, SIP signaling and media transmission aspects. It interfaces seamlessly with Aastra call servers in secure networks.
Best Price Quality Ratio 
- High Voice Quality and Reliability 
- Industry-proven T.38 fax
Network Functionalities 
- Secured SIP signaling and media transmission (TLS, SRTP, MIKEY) 
- QoS features support 
- DHCP client 
- STUN Client 
- Support for IPv6 Internet Protocol

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