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With Alcatel- Lucent 300 & 400 DECT Handsets employees can continue to receive calls when they leave their desks. Using wireless telephony, professional Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phones rely on a network of on- site base stations to provide seamless voice access for people on the move. 

An employee's DECT phone can be associated with his office phone. Both phones share a unique phone number and the same level of service. Improved accessibility means fewer missed calls, greater customer satisfaction, and increased staff efficiency. Alcatel- Lucent DECT phones provide the same features and functionalities as our fixed desk digital sets. Improved ergonomics and a large graphic display, integrated loudspeaker and headset connection optimize convenience and ease of use. 

The Alcatel- Lucent 300 Ex DECT Handset has the same features as the 300 DECT model except that the vibrate mode has been disabled for increased safety.

- Optimized for professional use: excellent voice quality, full range of calling features, excellent autonomy
- Cost- effective: calls to DECT phones are routed on an internal network and incur no additional charges
- Enhanced usability: full roaming capability with seamless handover between easy- to- install base stations
- Enhanced reactivity: on- site mobility reduces lost calls and increases capacity to respond to customer requests
- Twinset option: a user's fixed phone and DECT phone share a single number, making it easy for colleagues and clients to get in touch
- Compatibility: handsets function with previous releases of OmniPCX Communication Servers. Supporting Alcatel- Lucent OmniPCX telephony protocol. Lightweight, ergonomic design and intuitive operation 
- Global portability through software- programmable country adaptations (frequency and power) that allow a single 300 DECT or 400 DECT handset to be used in multiple countries
- Infrastructure investment protection (compatibility ưith deployed Alcatel- Lucent DECT base stations) -  under Alcatel- Lucent OmniPCX Communication Servers software support policy Excellent voice quality and business telephony features throughout the workplace contributing to improved user responsiveness and productivity. Long battery life (Lithium- ion technology). Durability in harsh environments -  use of carrying case is recommended


- Improved ergonomic design
- Intuitive interface with 4- way navigator
- Vibrator mode
- Display backlight
- Belt clip
- Integrated antenna
- Color display (400 DECT)
- Keypad backlight (400 DECT)
- Built- in loudspeaker (400 DECT)
- Headset connection (400 DECT)

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