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Alcatel-Lucent Genesys Suite is the intelligent combination of Genesys' industry-leading contact center software and the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise platform, linked by Alcatel-Lucent’s RSI (Routing Services Intelligence) software layer. It's the ideal solution for enterprises seeking to improve their interactions with customers by setting up advanced routing capabilities to route calls to the most appropriate agent. 

This Alcatel-Lucent suite handles all aspects of contact center activity, from voice call distribution to full multimedia routing, workforce optimization and voice portal capabilities, providing the operational excellence required by enterprises

- Reducing operational costs: Simplifies system management to reduce the cost of managing the software, through configuration improvements, strategy simplification, usability improvements and improved error messages.
- Improving productivity: Reduces the cost of interaction management, through a heavy focus on leveraging self-service, enhancing agent productivity tools and improving response efficiency, particularly for email.
- Optimizing and simplifying multimedia management: Focuses on Internet media offerings, particularly in the area of email, to simplify email management and provide a software structure for complex email management.
- Improving the customer experience: Provides complete customer information to the desktop with each interaction, routing the call to the best agent the first time and ensuring optimal service levels.
- Delivering intelligence: Provides a wealth of business data to analyze the effectiveness of your contact center and perform true business analytics.

- Advanced routing capabilities: database-driven routing, agent skills routing, service level routing, last agent/relationship routing, multi-site routing and business priority routing
- Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) is the IVR solution from the OmniGenesys Suite for call handling without agents and call identification through speech recognition
- Work force management module: Schedule-based routing and task-based scheduling optimizes sequential activities and makes workload forecasting for all customer interactions more accurate.
- Infomart analitics: provides analysis of first call resolution, abandoned calls, customer segmentation, and suggests how to improve methods that allow to highlight relevant information about what really causes the issue
- Manages all customers' multimedia interactions: provides simple and advanced content analysis, automated and suggested responses. Respone strategy is integrated in the distribution rules.
- Multi-site Campaign Management: outbound module is a software dialer for campaign management and pro-active Callback. Preview, Predictive and Progessive Dialing are available; includes flexible List Management, DoNotCall optimization and agent scripting
- Genesys Business Process Routing (BPR) uniquely extends the Genesys routing capabilities to include faxes, documents, work items or any other custom media.

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