Avaya Blue Phones & Consoles Part

Brand: Avaya
Product Code: Spare Part
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Original New and Remanufactured Nortel/Avaya phones boxed like new 
Taurus Range M39XX series  
M3901 Charcoal (new & boxed) Entry Telephone
M3901 Platinum (new & boxed) Entry Telephone
M3904 Charcoal (new & boxed) Professional Telephone
Handset & Cord for M39XX range new
M3901 Charcoal  Entry Telephone
M3902 Charcoal Basic Telephone
M3902 Platinum Basic Telephone
M3903 Charcoal  Enhanced Telephone
M3903 Platinum  Enhanced Telephone
M3904 Charcoal Professional Telephone
M3904 Platinum  Professional Telephone
M3905 Charcoal Call Centre Telephone
M3905 Platinum  Call Centre Telephone
Taurus Accessories  
NTEX14AB new and boxed USB Audio Adapter
DBA Platinum (new)  
DBA Charcoal  
KBA Platinum Key Based Add On
KBA Charcoal Key Based Add On
NTMN15BA Platinum  M39XX Wall Mount Kit
NTMN7150-70 ACM CTIA Charcoal 
NTMN71AC Accessory Connection Mod
NTMN68BA-70  ATA M3900 Module only
NTMN7250-70 FHDA
NTEX14AC USB Audio Adapter Kit inc Headset
NTEX14MB  Mobile USB Audio Adapter Kit includes headset
IP 1100 Range  
Handset & Cord for IP1100 range new
NTYS02 IP 1110E Graphite
NTYS03  IP 1120E Graphite
NTYS05  IP 1140E Graphite
NTSY06AAE6 IP 1150E Graphite
NTYS08AA IP 18Key Module
9NA0251008 (NTYS17) new Power Supply for 11XX series
9NA0251008 (NTYS17) ref Power Supply for 11XX series
Consoles & Conference  
M2250  Ash
NTAG58AA  PC Interface Unit
NTAG58BA  PC Interface Unit
BLF for M2250 Grey & Ash BLF
BLF for M1250 Dark Grey BLF
NTEX11DA70E6  External Microphone IP2033 (pair)
NTEX11AA70E6  IP 2033 Conference Unit only
NTEX11AA70E6 inc POE/PSU IP 2033 Conference Unit Kit
2201-17120-601 Polycom Soundstation2 Nortel
IP i2000 Range  
NTDU90AB/AC New and Boxed Charcoal/Silver i2001
NTDU92BC New and boxed Charcoal/Silver i2004
Handset & Cord for IP range new
NTDU76BB  Ether Grey i2002
NTDU91AB/AC Charcoal/Silver i2002
NTDU82BA  Charcoal i2004
NTDU92AA  Charcoal i2004
NTDU92AB/AC  Charcoal/Silver i2004
NTEX00DA-70  IP Key Module
NTDU96AB-70 Charcoal/Silver i2007
A0619635 2pin Power Supply for IP sets
Orion Range  
M3110 (Ash)  
M3310 Grey  
M3820 Grey, Ash & Black   
Displays for Orion range Displays
Handset & Cord for M3XXX range new
NTDL00 ATA Assembly
M3022 Grey  22 Key Expansion Module
M3022 Ash new 22 Key Expansion Module
M3022 Black 22 Key Expansion Module
Aries M2000 Range  
M2216D (3 Black)  ACD Digital Phone
M2616D Grey, Ash or Black Performance Plus Phone
Handset & Cord for M2XXX range new
Displays for Aries range Displays
Norstar & DECT
M7100 Black
M7208 Grey
M7208 Black
M7310 Black
M7310 Grey
M7310 Ash
M7324 Black
M7100N Black, Ash, Grey
M7208N Black
M7310N Grey
M7310N Black
M7310N Ash
M7324N Black
M7324N Grey
M7324N Ash
CAP N BLF (no PSU) Black
CAP N BLF (no PSU) Grey
T7100 Charcoal
T7100 Platinum
T7208 Charcoal
T7208 Platinum
T7316 Charcoal
T7316E new and boxed Charcoal
T7316e Charcoal
T7316e Platinum
New and Boxed DECT&WLAN  
C4010EX Handset Kit Handset, Battery & Charger
C4000 Handset Kit  Handset, Battery & Charger
C4012 Handset Kit Handset, Battery & Charger
C4030 Handset & Battery Handset & Battery
C4040 (no battery) Handset & Charger only - no battery
C1110 New Base Station
NTTQ60AAE5 new WLAN IPT Manager 2245
NTTQ4211 new Pwr Supply 2245 & 2246
NTTQ4024E6 WLAN 61XX Quad Charger
NTTQ4102E6 Universal PSU for WLAN22XX/61XX
NTTQ4050 new WLAN2210 Battery Pack
NTTQ4010 new WLAN2210 Handset only
NTTQ4061 new WLAN2210 Desktop Charger
NTTQ4062 new WLAN2210 Handset Bundle
NTTQ5050 - new WLAN2211 Battery Pack
NTTQ5060 WLAN2211 Desktop Charger
NTTQ4025 new WLAN61XX Battery Pack
Refurbished DECT  
NTCW02AA / TWBSC4600 C4600 Base Station
NTCW02AA / TWBSC4600 (Used)  C4600 Base Station
NTCW02CA C4600 Base Station
NTCW02DA C4610 Base Station
C4010/4020 Charger PSU Charger PSU only
C4020 Handset Kit Handset & Battery

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