Avaya Definity S8700 Media Server

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The Avaya Definity S8700 IP- Connect configuration is an all- IP solution that is built on open IP network connection. This solution is designed for medium to large enterprises. The main difference between the IP- Connect Solution and Multi- Connect solution is that IP- Connect uses the IP network for all inter- gateway communication, where Multi- Connect also uses CSS or ATM networking

The system supports up to 12,000 IP stations, 8,000 non- IP stations, and 8,000 IP and non- IP trunks, with the capacity of 100,000 General Business call mix BHCC. The IP- Connect platform is scalable to 64 Port Networks, each of which can house up to four G600s and up to 250 G700 Media Gateways. The Media Server complex still consists of duplicated Avaya Definity S8700 servers. One server is active the other server is on standby.
- General Business Busy Hour Call Completion: Up to 100,000 analogue equivalent
- Number of stations: Up to 12,000
- Number of IP users (IP trunks + IP stations): Up to 12,000
- Number of non- IP users: Up to 8,000
- Number of trunks (independent of the number of users): Up to 4,000
- Total number of ports: Up to 16,000
- Number of IP users G700/total IP users (cannot be combined with non- IP users): Up to 5,000/12,000
- Number of non- IP users G700/total users (cannot be combined with IP users): Up to 5,000/12,000

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