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Avaya Definity Server R is a powerful, scalable, reliable and application rich solution. It is ideal for locations with 1,000 or more employees. It can support up to 25,000 stations, so it can be sized to provide the capacity you need today and well into the future. Processing power dealing with up to 100,000 busy call completions per hour will more than cope with the most demanding of businesses. Extended Port Networks, or EPN for short, provides distributed architecture making the SI an ideal campus or large building switch. Survivable EPN's allow local switching to continue should there be a break in the optical fibre's linking the system together. Five Nines or 99.999% uptime means that you can be confident that your working environment will not suffer from loss of communication. This server provides call processing, business applications - such as voice messaging, shared voice mail and small call centre - networking capabilities and expert systems for remote diagnostics and self-healing.

Avaya Definity R supports basic call routing and Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) applications, as well as sophisticated predictive routing. It also offers a selection of telephones to meet the needs of any employee. For example, multiline digital telephones (pictured) provide fixed feature buttons, built-in speakerphone capabilities, optional displays, and programmable buttons and "softkeys" that allow users to customise their phone functions.
Avaya Definity Intuity AUDIX® Messaging integration can provide voice, fax, and text messaging, along with text-to-speech and Message Manager functionality- allowing employees and customers to communicate using the tools they prefer, anytime, anywhere. It also supports digital networking, allowing you to link locations and improve communications among employees at multiple sites.

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