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The Avaya Definity S8300 Media Server is a Linux server for a single site or remote office with 10- 450 users. It supports up to 450 stations and 450 trunks per system (IP and/or TDM), and provides up to 50,000 Busy Hour Call Completions (BHCC). The S8300 can be implemented within the G600 Media Gateway. Depending on the customer's requirements, the server can be implemented in one of two ways. The first would provide a Local Survival Processor that is sitting idle in the Media Gateway, but if the WAN becomes unavailable for any reason, the S8300 takes over 100% of the call processing at the local site providing 100% full survivability in the event of a network outage. Alternatively, the Avaya Definity S8300 can be implemented in a standalone implementation and networked over the customer's network to another Media Server or Media Gateway

The Avaya G700 Media Gateway can support up to 450 stations and 450 trunks when equipped with the Media Server S8300 (Capacities are a function of the server, not the gateway). It has four media module bays, two 10/100Base- T Ethernet ports, an 8- pin RS- 232 for local administration, an Expansion Module Bay or Uplink Bay and has an 8GB backplane which can accommodate up to a total of 10 G700's or Cajun Ethernet switches in a single stack. This stackable, 19" rack mountable, 2u form factor design can be configured as a stand- alone Gateway or a Survivable Expansion Port Network (when equipped with the S8300 server blade) for distributed networking. Available media modules include:
- T1/E1 Media Module with integrated CSU/DSU
- 8 Port Analog Combo Media Module (LS/GS/DID/CAMA/Tie- Line/Tip- Ring)
- 8 Port DCP Media Module (Supports Avaya's 8400 and 6400 2- Wire digital telephones)
- 8 Port International BRI Trunk Media Module
- VoIP Compression Media Module
- Intuity Audix LX Multimedia Messaging Card

Expansion Modules:
- 16 port 10/100Base- T Switch
- Gigabit Copper Interface
- OC- 3 and OC- 12 ATM 
- Gigabit Fiber Optic Interface
- WAN Router Module

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