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Aastra MX-ONE is a complete IP-based communications system. Not only does MX-ONE provide excellent voice communications, it also provides the necessary applications to offer true mobility and Unified Communications. 

MX-ONE is based on an open software and hardware environment, using standard servers with a LINUX SUSE operating system.

With the latest release of MX-ONE, customers can benefit from MX-ONE Telephony Server's capacity increase, multiple gateways addressed by one server, a new CSTA V3 protocol, an expanded numbering plan, faster upgrade and redundancy feature enhancements. 

The Management solution continues to be improved with its single point of entry approach, offering an efficient way of managing the system.

The MX-ONE Telephony System consists of two basic components:
MX-ONE Telephony Server and MX-ONE Media Gateway.

MX-ONE Media Gateways come in different configurations and sizes, offering scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of enterprises. The new Media Gateway hardware introduced in the latest MX-ONE version, MGU (Media Gateway Unit), provides the opportunity for a multi-gateway configuration, i.e. up to 15 MGUs can be associated to one server. 

This is a significant change as it eliminates the previous one-to-one relationship between server and media gateways. There are two different versions of MX-ONE Media Gateways: 
3U chassis, more suitable for the IP environment and branch office scenario with the space for one MGU board, one ASU-E plus one board, or three boards if an external server is used.

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