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Aastra MX-ONE is a complete IP-based communications system. Not only does MX-ONE provide excellent voice communications, it also provides the necessary applications to offer true mobility and Unified Communications. 

MX-ONE is based on an open software and hardware environment, using standard servers with a LINUX SUSE operating system.

With the latest release of MX-ONE, customers can benefit from MX-ONE Telephony Server's capacity increase, multiple gateways addressed by one server, a new CSTA V3 protocol, an expanded numbering plan, faster upgrade and redundancy feature enhancements. 

The Management solution continues to be improved with its single point of entry approach, offering an efficient way of managing the system.

The MX-ONE Telephony System consists of two basic components:
MX-ONE Telephony Server and MX-ONE Media Gateway.

MX-ONE Server Options
High-capacity Telephony Server software, running on a standard server platform, can handle up to 15,000 SIP users and 15 media gateways. Servers and media gateways can be combined to form either a complete centralized system or a large multi-server distributed system over a geographically dispersed area. Up to 124 servers can be combined in a single system with up to 500,000 users.

Turn-key server solution, based on HP ProLiant servers. Both the LINUX operating system and Telephony Server application software are installed and preconfigured.
Main technical characteristics:
-Intel Xeon 5540 Quad Core Processor, 2.40 GHz
-6 GB RAM, 72 GB HDD, redundant fans
Redundancy options:
-RAID hot-plug disk drives
-Redundant power supply
-A signed software image that can be installed on an HP ProCurve ONE zl Services Module.
-Software-only is available for use with general standard servers. For more detailed information.

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