Omni Access & Omni Switch Part

Brand: Alcatel-Lucent
Product Code: Spare Part
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Part Number Description
Omni Access & Omni Switch 
3FE00212AA Cell Pipe 7130 Residential Gateway NEW
OWA-6000-FT Omni Access 6000 Fan Tray
OWA-6000  Omni Access 6000 US
3EM17860CS Omni Access AP125 NEW
3EM17860BUAM Omni Access AP65 NEW (ARUBA)
3EM17860BUAN Wallmount Kit for AP65 NEW
3EM17860BT Omni Access AP70  NEW
902743-90 OMNISWITCH 6250 Rack Mount Kit NEW
OS6250-24 Omniswitch 6250-24
OS6400-P24 Omniswitch 6400-P24
OS6400-P48 Omniswitch 6400-P48
OS6850-24 Omniswitch 6850-24
OS6850-P24X Omniswitch 6850-P24X
OS6850-P48 Omniswitch 6850-P48
OS6850-P48X Omniswitch 6850-P48X
902423-90 OS6850 RPS KIT NEW
PS-126W-AC Power Supply
PS-510W-AC Power Supply
PS-510W-AC-E Power Supply
PS-360W-AC-E PS-360W-AC Power Supply
PALS400-2842-G PSU for Omni Access 6000
OAW-S3-C-2X10G Supervisor III Board for Omniaccess 6000

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