LUNA2 Powered Unit PSU Power Supply S30122-K7686-M1

Brand: Siemens - Unify
Product Code: POWER
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HiPath 3800 Powered Unit
Manufacturer Part Number: S30122-K7686-M1, L30251-U600-A85

LUNA2 (Line Powered Unit based Network Architecture no. 2) is used as the central power supply in HiPath 3800 Depending on the system can expand up to three LUNA2 modules in the base and up to four Luna2 modules are used in the extension.
- Nominal voltage: 110 VAC - 240 VAC
- Rated Frequency: 50 Hz - 60 Hz
- output voltage (charging voltage for batteries if a LUNA2 is used as a battery charger.): -54.7 VDC -53.5 VDC (currently for wet batteries, not released)
- Output current (charging current for batteries, if one is used as a battery charger LUNA2): Max. 2 A *

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